Spring 2015 Activities

Hello folks!

It has been a productive Spring for me this year. I would like to highlight a couple of bits of my work these past months and plug the upcoming Distance Teaching and Learning Conference taking place August 11-13, 2015 in Madison Wisconsin. I will be presenting a session yet most likely on 8/12 or 8/13.

Syracuse University IDD&E guest speaking for IDE 632

Thanks to Dr. Rob Pusch for inviting me to be a guest speaker for the Instructional Design II course (IDE 632). This is the third time I have done this and each time rather informative. I find that in preparing for the session I am able to reflect on the work I have been doing over the years. It gives me a way to step and and think how I can utilize my experience to inform future colleagues. The session is run in a flipped format with a website that presents some in-depth readings and discussions and the live synchronous session to work on some activities that utilize this information. I am pretty flexible in how students approach the materials, but I try to make it as informative as I can to still engage learners who are not planning on working in higher education.

Here is the link to the session’s support website: Forgard – IDDE – 2015

LTDC Virtual Conference Presentation

On April 10, I presented at the LTDC Virtual Showcase. The entire conference was run through Blackboard Collaborate, with about 15 to 20 attendees per session. With Wisconsin being rather large, it makes sense to run a conference like this remotely. My session titled, “Defining High Quality Asynchronous Discussion Design and Facilitation Practices” focused on some discoveries I made from reviewing some of the recent literature on the topic of online discussions. I uploaded this session to my YouTube channel for those would are interested in watching.

Feel free to post a message in the blog if you have any questions.




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