Partners in Design Presentation May 2014 UW Colleges Colloquium

The “Partners in Design” presentation below, or how faculty and instructional designers interact, was presented by myself and Dubear Kroening at the UW Colleges annual colloquium.

This presentation highlights the work we have been doing on the developing of the faculty professional development course Teaching Online 101 (TOL 101) for the UW Colleges Online faculty. We are hoping to use evaluation data from this course to present at other conferences and perhaps publish something.

The longer that I do instructional design work the more I begin to think about how relationships matter the most in the field. Without high quality relationships and good rapport as professionals, the work an instructional design becomes that much harder. There is also the consideration of how faculty training is developed through such relationships. In this case, I was more of the subject matter expert and technology expert than the faculty member I have been working with. The roles are somewhat switched, but we created a pretty decent training product with TOL 101. My partner in this process, Dubear, has also contributed with his 10 plus years online teaching experience for UW Colleges.

The next steps are to start measuring the impact of the course on actual teaching and learning. We plan on interviewing participants from the first cohorts of TOL 101 6 to 12 months after the course to see how the course may have changed their approach to teaching and learning in all modalities.


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