Upcoming POD Conference Presentation

Pittsburgh 1

Pittsburgh 1 (Photo credit: ctj71081)

In about a week the Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network will hold its annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA. I will have the pleasure of being a presenter for two sessions.

11/7/13 – A poster presentation titled Survey of Education Technology: Faculty Professional Development Technology Integration Training which will highlight information on the professional development course I have been teaching called Survey of Education Technology (SET). A sample module is included on my blog here. Poster presentations will take place at 3:45 that afternoon.

11/7/13 – The second presentation will be a roundtable discussion I am co-hosting with my colleague, Karl Schnapp titled Reflective practice on reflective practice: Enhancing faculty professional development. Since a major training component of our professional development approach at BCC is reflective practice, it is appropriate to bring together colleagues and scholars to talk about what reflective practice means. It is not a new concept, but for us it has brought people together to create something of  a community. I am really looking forward to these discussions.

If anyone reading this is planning on going to POD, please leave a message here or follow my Twitter feed @kforgard


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