Presentation on the Transformation Agenda at EDC

Earlier this summer, I was asked to speak on the pilot BCC did in incorporating contextualized curriculum modules as part of the statewide MCCWDTA grant (See

Our team had trained several faculty from developmental reading, writing, math, and ABE/GED programs to work with contextualizing their courses. This process is easier said than done. For one, the modules developed by the state are not designed to be plug-and-play, nor are they designed to be easily used. In helping overcome these dilemmas, I had developed a contextualized curriculum worksheet that incorporates Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction to help faculty-users digest the contextualized materials to use in their courses. So far, the process has been a success.

The video contains introductory remarks by the project director, Kristen McKenna and continues with my remarks on how I worked with faculty during our implemenation process.

Please watch the video on the MCCWDTA Vimeo website –


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