Bridgewater State EdTech Day 2013

Last Thursday I had the honor of presenting at the 7th annual Bridgewater State University EdTech Day. My two presentations were technology focused, but were very different topics.

Beyond the LMS

The first one titled: “Beyond the LMS: Creating a Digital Learning Space for Your Course” centered on how more and more faculty are using online tools that do not necessarily work within an LMS. Sure, most good LMS’ have tools such as blogs, wikis, games, etc. However, the biggest challenge is to keep course materials open after the semester and have an archive of a course as it is taught over time. This is akin to a student’s personal learning environment (PLE). In a non-empirical way, I simply named these digital teaching environments “External Teaching Environments” or ETE.

Below are my presentation slides:

Working with iPad Class Sets

The second presentation I gave was aimed at helping faculty and administrative staff learn how to implement an iPad distribution program. This happened to correspond well with the keynote presentation from Framingham State University, where they had a similar (and less chaotic) iPad roll out. In both of our cases, the audience was really able to leave the conference with a better understanding of what it means to push for mobile technology at a college or university. Mobile learning has been an interest of mine since graduate school, and I have been fortunate to have been able to work with some fantastic faculty in developing some type of system at our campus. So much more has yet to be done.


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