Fall 2012 – Survey of Education Technology

This fall semester is busier than ever. My instructional design work at BCC has really taken off. Of note is the online faculty professional development program I developed and am teaching called Survey of Education Technology. Beginning with readings and discussions on the Net Generation Students and the TPACK framework, each module then covers a different set of technologies. For instance, we discuss blended learning while learning screen capture software and personal learning environments while learning about ePortfolios. At the end of the workshop, the group meets face-to-face for a final discussion and to test out their ideas in The Simulated Classroom. 

This is the second iteration of this workshop and it gets better each time. Eventually it will be offered as a series of self-paced modules with limited discussion and monthly meetup times. As one of my former students who just emailed me writes:

Just a shout out of Thanks!   I have put a Camtasia screen cast on one of my lessons that uses a Google Doc for responding to a case study.

We’re trying out different formats for response to case study (Angel discussion, Google Doc and Blog) and I’ll have the class decide which to use going forward.  So far the Blog beats Angel and this next couple of weeks we’ll be messing with the Google Doc.

It’s all possible because of the course this summer.

Thanks again,


Looking forward to moving forward with these types of online workshops. 


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